Sunshine Elite Programs (SEP) is a consulting platform that are mainly operating in the United States and China. Since 2014, we have set up a consulting office in San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles, and service local and international students. We provide excellent education service in many kinds of subjects as follows:

Arts and Design (Fine Art, Illustration, Fashion Design, Product Design, Jewelry Design)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Language Arts (English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.)


College Preparatory

Also, we create a consulting system, which concentrates on the students or youth career development. Not only staying in high school or college consulting offices, our professional counselors are getting evolved in the real career currently. In our platform, every student who enrolls in college will have an experienced counselor help him/her get successes in future study and career.

Except the educational and consulting service programs, we always hold some charitable events. We at Sunshine Elite Programs believe that charity can bring more happiness for everybody, including giver and receiver. Our public lectures and open courses, from art and STEM, are insisted to hold in many years. We also collaborate with some non-profit organization, look for and offer lots of volunteer opportunities. Our volunteers are warmly and actively, from community education center to the art charity auction for animal rescuing.

Our programs are developing, we are looking for talents to join us! Let's embrace a brilliant future.


Counselor James

James, General Counselor at Sunshine Elite Programs. B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering. Member of American Counseling Association (ACA). He participated in some national and local scientific and technological research programs and school-enterprise cooperation projects, as the principal investigator of research projects and school representative in the enterprise, with strong research, developing, practicing and innovation abilities.

After he went to the United States, he has been engaged in teaching and consultant service for relative subjects, educational management, organizing and planning of cultural and art exchange and promotion activities for many years. Most of students are admitted by some top public and private universities or professional colleges in the United States, under the guideline.

James is also enthusiastic in benevolent and charitable activities. He advocated and founded the Elite Volunteer Team, to lead volunteers to serve the community actively. The team and volunteers are highly appreciated by the people, some excellent volunteers received the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA).

Counselor Roxanne

Roxanne Teng (Jinyu Teng), Soul Artist, Educator. Graduated from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising), Art and Fashion Design major. Member of the New York SEEME Artist Association, Member of Arts and Design Society of Fort Walton Beach (ADSO), Member of Art Academy of North America. Founder of Your Story Soul Art Gallery. Honorable General Counselor in Art at Sunshine Elite Programs.

Since five years old, she has studied art under professional engraving artist and other teachers’ instruction more than twenty years. Since 2012, Roxanne started to create art works independently, devoted herself to study, created a new art style by her own. It is called “Soul Art”. For the friends with their stories, she specifically customizes art works belong to their own soul, to record memories of people’s hearts by art. She participates in a number of American art societies, media events and art exhibitions. Also, she creates several art business posters. In 2011, she started from scratch, founded N. Lavender, a fashion company. Since 2013, she also engaged in art and design education, most of her students are admitted by the professional art colleges or universities for further study, and some of them make achievements in the art, design and other fields.

Counselor Cameron

Cameron Derby is an artist and photographer originally from Akron, OH. Her interest in people, culture and portraiture inspires most of her work. In 2012, she received a Bachelor's degree in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. Mostly working with graphite, she enjoys drawing dogs and people portraits, as well as characters. In her photography work, she also enjoys photographing people, landscapes and documentaries. 

Derby has been in many exhibitions, curated by artists such as Skyler Grey and Dimitri Halkidis. She was the 2nd place finalist for 2015 OC Artist of the Year in Photography Award.  She also enjoys supporting, and working with small magazines such as, The Isis Nicole Magazine, and San Diego based magazine, The Kove.

Derby’s goal is to share her passion for art, and help other’s improve their craft.

Counselor Nadia

Nadia Pavia is an actress and English Educator. With her international and career background, she has enriched experience in stage and screen acting and education. For English, Literature, and Performance Art leaners, she has a unique and individual teaching system for different students.

Learn more @ Vimeo

Counselor Trenten Garduated in UCLA, Major in Physics.

Counselor Ma

Ms. Ma is a Chinese teacher and Professional Makeup Artist. She graduated in Beijing Film Academy. China National Makeup Artist (the First Class). She served as a makeup artist and professional lecturer in the China Central Television (CCTV) Cinema Arts Center many years. In China and the United States, they are engaged in Chinese language arts education, traditional culture promotion (Peking Opera) and artistic makeup. As a Chinese language arts teacher, she has more than the 20 years’ experience at middle school in Beijing, China, as well as in the United States. She worked in China Youth and Children Education Foundation for youth education and counseling. After going to the United States, she served as a makeup artist for the Chinese Cheongsam Association (Los Angeles Branch), and chief makeup artist in other art studios.



Sunshine Elite Programs


To learn more information about soul art, a new genre of contemporary arts, and our online art gallery, please visit Soul Art.



——Roxanne Teng,职业画家,教育工作者,阳光优才荣誉艺术顾问










"Fortress Besieged" (by Artist Roxanne T.)

What is "Soul Art"?

Soul Art is commonly known as spiritual art. Soul Art is basically the new type of art form that has been thriving recently. As the new type of art, the paintings mainly focus on the memories and the adventures of the customers. It will recall your memories and enhance the authentic feelings and understandings of your personal experience, at specific moment you could not forget.

"Sleeping Queen" (by Artist Roxanne T.)

To learn more, Please visit our online "Your Story" · Soul Art Galley as follows. Enjoy the world of soul art!

(If it dosen't show properly, please simply refresh or reload current page. Thank you!)


Sunshine Elite Programs


Sunshine Elite Programs


Tout Genre”(多样人生)Roxanne优才学生灵魂艺术展相关报道

(凤凰卫视美洲台(腾讯 链接 /Youtube 链接)、侨报/侨家园 链接、世界青少年报 链接 等)


(中国日报、台湾时报、世界青少年报 链接 等)


(美新社 链接、环球东方 链接 等)



We at Sunshine Elite Programs collaborate with World Literature and Art Publishing, promote single books, series, booklets and other format materials to be published and distributed in the United States as well as other countries all over the world.

Who is World Literature and Art Publishing? (The Introduction of World Literature and Art Publishing)

World Literature and Art Publishing

“We hope that all the scholars in the world will have their works handed down.”

“We hope everyone has their own books.”

Editing, design, printing and publishing, new book launch ceremony, cultural exchange…

World Literature and Art Publishing was founded in Los Angeles, United States. It is all committed to collect, organize and publish elite works of domestic and international outstanding writers and talents from all industries, and holds press conferences and new book launch ceremony.

In addition to the single books published, World Literature and Art Publishing excavates and organizes some rare but crucial historical events or folk art and skills, truly records it and publishes as series. The series of books such as “World Intangible Cultural Heritage”, “World Poetry”, “The Cradle of History”, and “Collected Work of Celebrity” have been already launched. The first volume has been published one after another.

We encourage that everyone who has a dream of culture and art, joins us, and inherits your thought and culture to the next generations.

Part of Books Published by World Literature and Art Publishing


Sunshine Elite Programs Volunteer Badge (Hand-drawn Version)

We at SEP welcome Volunteers!

People who concern our organization can participate in us, not only in activities, but also in the programs you can provide your charitable service, with your selfless love and best volunteer spirit!

Art Program --- “Art is the Best”

Collaborate with cultural organizations, the art program are core part in our platform. Since 2014, we has held many art activities, including Sunshine Art Summer Camps, "Soul Art" Series Art Exhibiton, "Save Dogs, Save Lives" Charitable Art Auction, and other activities. The Series Arts Exhibition has become one of most popular art activities after many of the successful experience in our previous sessions.

The volunteers of our art program can take part in many parts, such as crew of the art activities, performance, usher, promotion, maintain service and others. It depends on what types of art programs need.

Study Partner Program --- “Lifelong Learning”

Education also plays a crucial role in our platform. As one of our mission, the SEP has held and co-organized a number of educational activities that enclose Summer Camps, Winter Camps and community educational free lectures.

Our communities need your help. We hope the volunteer could be the best study partner of the people who are really eager to get your help in their study, life skills and other weakness.


To learn more, contact us, do not hesitate!


Sunshine Elite Programs


Event Archive

"San Pedro"Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (04/28/2019)
"Getty Villa"Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (10/21/2018)
Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (04/18/2018)
Mixed Media美术特展 (10/15/2017)
"我的七彩贝壳"Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (09/02/2017)
"盖蒂艺术之旅"Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (08/05/2017)
"Tout Genre"(多样人生) Roxanne优才学生灵魂艺术展
Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (05/28/2017)
Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (05/13/2017)
Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (04/23/2017)
Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (04/08/2017)
Roxanne阳光优才免费美术公益课 (03/19/2017)




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